High Gain MMICs

The AE314 and AE312 are GaAs E-PHEMT MMICs with superior distortion characteristics aimed at the FTTx, CATV and broadcasting markets. The AE314 is a cascade amplifier with a typical gain of 22 dB. DC to 1 GHz, or DC to 2 GHz matching application is provided for FTTx, satellite applications driver amplifier or a final amplifier. The AE312 has a current mirror circuit within the MMIC and is stable even in harsh environments. Its typical noise figure of 1.0 dB makes it suitable for low noise amplifier applications for CATV and optical ONU applications. Both use a 5 V supply voltage, and are 75 impedance matched with strong in/out VSWR.

Suwon, Korea


RS No. 230

Digital Pre-distortion MCPAs

This line of single and multi-carrier DPD power amplifiers is designed for WiMAX, WCDMA and LTE in a variety of operating frequencies and power levels. A 50 W RF input is standard and CPRI/OBSAI interfaces are planned for TMA models. The DPD technology employed is modulation-agnostic and can automatically adapt to any mix of carrier types within its operating bandwidth. Having baseband flexibility in an RF power amplifier allows for higher levels of integration with other signal processing functions, such as digital interfacing, digital up-conversion, crest factor reduction, envelope tracking and linear effects compensation.

Stealth Microwave
Ewing, NJ
(609) 538-8586


RS No. 229


Low Noise Frequency Synthesizer

The THOR-14280 frequency synthesizer is designed to operate at 14.28 GHz in a military airborne application. The THOR units can be designed to operate with an external or optionally integrated reference from 10 to 250 MHz. The THOR units feature low phase noise (<-90 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz) and low current draw (+5 V at 265 mA). THOR units are capable of maintaining excellent performance over vibration, shock and temperature featuring a rugged, connectorized package (1.50" × 1.50" × 0.6"), which can be optionally hermetically-sealed.

EM Research Inc.
Reno, NV
(775) 345-2411


RS No. 240

Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillators

This OXO series of ultra-low phase noise oven-controlled crystal oscillators offer excellent frequency and long-term stability. These high performance crystal oscillators include electronic tuning port and reference voltage output. Models are currently available in 10, 100 and 120 MHz output frequency in small C-08 package. Also available is a 10 MHz surface-mount version. These high performance products complement well their line of high resolution synthesizers for applications in test equipment, base stations, portable transceivers and RADAR. SMA connectorized versions with single or multiple isolated outputs are also available.

Synergy Microwave Corp.
Paterson, NJ
(973) 881-8800


RS No. 231

Fixed Frequency Synthesizer

Z-Comm announces a new RoHS compliant fixed frequency synthesizer model SFS1920A-LF in L-band. The SFS1920A-LF is a single frequency synthesizer that operates at 1920 MHz. This synthesizer features a typical phase noise of -98 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and a typical sideband spurs of -75 dBc. The SFS1920A-LF is designed to deliver a typical output power of 0 dBm with a VCO voltage supply of 5 V DC while drawing 24 mA (typical) and a phase-locked loop voltage of 3 V DC while drawing 9 mA (typical) over the temperature range of -40° to 85°C. This fixed frequency synthesizer features typical second harmonic suppression of -20 dBc and comes in Z-Comm’s industry standard PLL-V12N package with low shield measuring 0.60" × 0.60" × 0.13".

Z-Communications Inc.
San Diego, CA
(858) 621-2700


RS No. 232

Processing Equipment

Laser Depaneling and Routing System

The ProtoLaser U can cut, drill and structure almost any kind of material. It can depanel individual PCBs from a large printed circuit board. The system can cut LTCC and pre-pregs, drill holes and microvias, structure TCO/ITO layers, and open up solder masks. The high pulse energy of the UV laser causes ablation without leaving any residues and the integrated vacuum table holds flexible and thin substrates safely and firmly in place. The laser process is controlled by the integrated CircuitCAM software. The ProtoLaser U is compact, optimized for the laboratory and suitable for the prototyping and production of small-series.

LPKF Laser & Electronics
Tualatin, OR
(800) 345-5753


RS No. 234


Manpack Communication Platform

Cobham Sensor Systems (Bolton) announces the SAT1711 (Man Pack) communication platform. Key features include: lightweight, low volume; rugged construction; rapid one man deployment; interchangeable petal design and NATO SHF Tx/Rx capable. Designed for use and transport by one person, the SAT1711 provides an extremely lightweight, low transport volume NATO communication platform for voice and data. Proven suitable for use in extreme environments, that can be assembled without tools by one person in less than two minutes.

Cobham Sensor Systems
Bolton, MA
(979) 779-6963


RS No. 233

Installation Kit

The RFA-4511 series is a comprehensive installation kit series for crimping N-type connectors onto LMR-400® or equivalent cables. The kit combines a cable cutter, one-step cable stripper, the Cable Devil® preparation tool, professional grade crimp tool and die, and 25 N male connectors. All are housed in a rugged, foam lined case with installation instructions.

RF Industries
San Diego, CA
(858) 549-6340


RS No. 241

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