Skyworks introduces two new varactor diodes for use in diverse applications such as mobile handset-based DTV receivers, FM tuners and low phase noise voltage-controlled oscillators. Available from stock, these new diodes offer high breakdown voltage, enabling tuning as high as 28 V. In addition, these Pb-free packaging devices offer low reverse leakage current, wide-tuning range, high-capacitance ratio, low-series resistance and industry standard SC-79 footprint.

The SMV1800-079LF and SMV1801-079LF are silicon hyperabrupt junction diodes designed for use in battery operated portable devices. The specified high-capacitance ratio and low resistance of these varactors make them ideal for wideband VCOs used in wireless systems operating in excess of 2.5 GHz. In addition, these new diodes provide tighter control of the critical diode capacitance versus voltage specifications than competing diode solutions, enabling much more repeatable tuning sensitivity within low phase noise VHF and UHF VCOs. Additional applications include analog/digital TV tuners within GSM, PCS and CDMA handsets, and portable computing devices such as laptops and netbooks.