Elcom Technologies Inc. announced it has been awarded contracts totaling $1 M for the manufacture of synthesizers and oscillators used in UAV and other airborne applications. Elcom’s RS series have been integrated into ECM, ESM, SAR, FCS platforms by both foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Elcom’s custom modular microwave frequency synthesizers and phase-locked DRO oscillators are the leading-edge performance in phase noise, small size and/or fast switching speed. In-house HALT/HASS testing and hermetically-sealed ruggedized packaging allows even the most demanding application to benefit from the company's performance advantages. Elcom's proprietary circuit topologies and advanced PLL techniques and algorithms can provide a spurious free dynamic range of <-80 dBc, the fastest switching speeds and frequency step sizes down to 1 Hz. These technology advantages also allow smaller form factors, reduced weight and lower power consumption.