Aeroflex announced it expanded its flexible PXI modular test platform with the addition of two new 3020 Series high power and compact RF signal generators. The 3020 Series are compact, high precision PXI modular RF signal generators with integrated dual-channel arbitrary waveform generators ideally suited for R&D manufacturing and design verification of RF components and systems. The addition of the 3021C and 3026C extend the output power range of the 3020 Series to +17 dBm for frequencies up to 3 and 6 GHz, respectively.

“Aeroflex offers the most versatile modular PXI platform for advanced RF communications system and component test on the market today. The addition of these two new high power signal generators make it an even more comprehensive and flexible offering,” said Tim Carey, PXI Product Manager, Aeroflex. “These compact new RF signal generators are ‘punching above their weight.’ For their size and weight, the 3021C and 3026C offer the highest output power of any signal generator.”

Weighing in at a mere 1 kg (2.2 lbs) and occupying just 3 x 3U PXI slots, the 3021C and the 3026C are the lightest and most compact signal generators to offer output power up to +17 dBm. In addition, both of these new signal generators achieve low DC power consumption of less than 50 W, which results in lower running costs than conventional instruments.

The 3026C, the new flagship signal generator of the Aeroflex PXI line, has a frequency range of 1 MHz to 6 GHz with +17 dBm of output power and boasts the highest output power of any PXI modular signal generator on the market today. The 3026C can provide direct input stimulus to power amplifiers without the need for pre-amplification or it can be used to provide a direct high power LO input to frequency converters and modulators. The 3026C is ideal for use in test systems where test-fixture losses are high.

The 3021C RF signal generator has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 3 GHz. Offering the same performance specifications as the 3026C, but with an extended low-end frequency range and a more economical price tag for applications below 3 GHz.

“Aeroflex’s commitment to continually updating and improving our product lines as well as our unmatched on-site customer support and training make us the wise choice to meet customers RF testing needs,” said Carey.