Speaking to Microwave Journal at the recent IMS 2009 in Boston, MA, Jimmy Hwang of Zifor Enterprise Co. Ltd. explained that the show was not only an opportunity to spotlight the company’s extensive range of high frequency products but also to establish itself as a global name and to explain its future plans.

Hwang stated, “We are stepping up our game. We may be a relatively small company but we have a sound foundation and robust infrastructure in all departments, including research and development. Up until now we have mainly concentrated on our domestic market in Taiwan but we now think that the time is right to promote the company to a wider global audience.”

Pointing to the array of high frequency products on display at the booth, which included SMP Connectors, 1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, K (2.9 mm) and 3.5 mm connectors, he continued, “Participating at the IMS 2009 Exhibition is an opportunity to widen our profile not only with US companies but also to the international audience that the show attracts. We will also be participating in other shows around the globe this year to spread the message.”

Specifically for the US, Zifor is in the process of setting up a US contact point so that customers can get in touch with the company in real-time in order to eliminate time delays.

Hwang also tried to explain a slight area of confusion and the use of Bo-Jiang Technology on products and in literature – Bo-Jiang Technology is the name of the company in Taiwan, while Zifor Enterprise is the international name. This is something that the company is addressing in order to develop a standardized name, which should be consolidated when the company relaunches its website in July.