Among the changing landscape of RF/microwave semiconductor developments, devices with material properties that can sustain high electric breakdown are of particular interest.  Within the last six-months alone, the Journal has published over a dozen papers on Laterally Diffused MOS (LDMOS), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC) SIT & MESFETs, and High-Voltage Vertical FETS (HVVFET).  To understand the state of the high power transistor market, we spoke to a number of leading vendors in these various technologies. Our discussion was primarily concerned with devices that could produce in excess of 30 watts at UHF/VHF frequencies and above - the high-power transistors required for both radar/EW and wireless infrastructure applications.  The following is a summary of their inputs.


Freescale Semiconductor: Leonard Pelletier

NXP: Steven Theeuwen


RFMD: Dave Aichele

Nitronex: Ray Crampton

Cree: Ray Pengelly


HVVi: Brian Battaglia