RF Micro Devices, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance semiconductor components, announced the addition of three new packaged broadband GaAs pHEMT high frequency amplifiers to RFMD's SUF family of products. The new amplifiers deliver exceptional broadband frequency performance and are applicable for commercial, military and space applications.

Based upon GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) technology, the SUF-1033, -5033, and -8533 packaged broadband amplifiers broaden the SUF family’s range of performance by offering multiple high-frequency gain blocks featuring various gain levels across bandwidth in small 3 x 3 mm QFN packaged solutions. Each packaged broadband amplifier also features a single supply voltage, low gain variation versus temperature, and 50 ohm I/O match, all of which promote ease of design for global customers. With the expansion of RFMD's SUF family of products, customers across multiple markets can simplify their supply base by selecting amplifiers from a diverse high-performance portfolio.

Jeff Shealy, VP and general manager of RFMD’s Defense and Power business unit, said, “We are very pleased to offer customers in the commercial, military, and space markets these three new SUF amplifiers delivering excellent frequency performance and gain across bandwidth in size-reduced 3 x 3 mm package solutions. In the near-term, we anticipate significant customer interest for this family of SUF broadband amplifiers targeting wideband gain blocks for military and space applications, high IP3 RF drivers, LO and IF mixer applications, and broadband test and instrumentation equipment.”

The SUF-1033, -5033 and -8533 are packaged versions of die-level amplifiers released by RFMD in the second half of calendar 2008. Supporting both die- and package-level products allows maximum flexibility for customers focused on multi-chip integration as well as radio board development.