Engineers working on antenna placement, radar cross-section simulation or other electrically large problems will benefit from CST’s newest addition to the CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) solver family. The new CST MWS asymptotic solver targets a range of simulation model sizes beyond the reach of even the successful integral equation solver, i.e. much larger than 100 wavelengths. Thus again extending the range of applications that can be simulated efficiently within CST STUDIO SUITE™. The asymptotic solver is tightly integrated in the CST design environment and shares the same well-known usability features as the other CST MWS solver modules.

“Our customers appreciate our work exploring new regimes in electrical size. The introduction of our integral equation solver in 2006 fulfilled the needs of one customer segment but we have noticed a strong tendency towards simulating even larger structures within our design environment,” said Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, CST. “CST is responding to this demand with the introduction of the asymptotic solver, thus reinforcing our claim to offer complete technology for 3D EM simulation.”