Avago Technologies, a supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, announced the addition of an environmentally ‘green’ PCS FBAR Band Duplexer to its series of miniature duplexers. The ACMD-7409 duplexer, which was designed using Avago’s own FBAR technology, targets designers of PCS handsets, and data terminals operating in the US PCS frequency band.

Avago’s ACMD-7409, which is a drop-in replacement and an environmentally green version of its ACMD-7402 duplexer, also uses Avago’s innovative Microcap bonded-wafer chip scale packaging technology. This process allows the filters to be assembled in a molded chip-on-board module that is less than 1.3 mm high with a footprint of 3.8 by 3.8 mm. Additionally, this FBAR duplexer enhances the sensitivity and dynamic range of PCS receivers by providing more that 54 dB attenuation of the transmitted signal at the receiver input, and more than 45 dB rejection of transmit-generated noise in the receive band.

Maximum insertion loss in the Tx channel is only 3.5 dB, which minimizes current drain from the power amplifier. Insertion loss in the Rx channel is 3.8 dB maximum to improve receiver sensitivity. Moreover, the superior power handling capability of the FBAR bulk-mode resonators supports the high output power levels needed in PCS handsets while adding virtually no distortion.