There is a broad range of design and modeling tools/solutions being promoted at IMS 2009. Here are some of the ones we came across:

In the design and modeling area, Agilent is showcasing the following:

Accurate Nonlinear Device Measurements: The Agilent PNA-X Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA), based on the PNA-X, measures nonlinear device characteristics and gives accurate insight into the nonlinear behavior of active devices using Agilent's NVNA application software and new calibration phase references. Agilent's award-winning PNA-X NVNA includes a 13.5 GHz model and the industry's first 43.5 and 50 GHz NVNA.

Comprehensive Active-Device Test: The Agilent PNA-X Series network analyzers can measure an amplifier's gain, gain compression, harmonics, IMD and noise figure with one easy setup and without an external combiner or filters. A new calibration technique yields the industry's most accurate noise figure measurements. The PNA-X also has complete pulsed and balanced measurement capabilities. It is the world's most flexible network analyzer. The new 43.5 (N5244A) and 50 GHz (N5245A) models support higher frequency applications such as radar and satellite communications, while the 13.5 GHz (N5241A) model is ideal for lower-frequency devices used in wireless communications.

Integrated ADS with Broad Electromagnetic Analysis: EMPro 2009 is full 3-D electromagnetic (EM) design and simulation software. It contains both finite-element-method and finite-difference-time-domain EM simulation techniques, integrated with Advanced Design System (ADS) to allow design simulation and cross-verification of all types of EM analysis problems without the extra cost, stops and starts associated with leaving the design flow to perform analysis with separate, point tools. The integration speeds the overall design and verification process and gets communications products to the marketplace more quickly.

Complete, Front-to-Back Solution for MMIC, RF Module Design: Advanced Design System 2009 Update 1 is the industry's first complete, front-to-back solution for monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) and RF module design integrates electromagnetic analysis, wireless standards-based design verification libraries, X-parameter simulation and statistical design and yield optimization. It allows designers to stay within the design and simulation platform of choice for their entire design cycle, eliminating the need for separate, time-consuming point tools.

ANSYS Inc. announced that its subsidiary Ansoft is showcasing leading electronics solutions at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS). As wireless communication and electronic devices proliferate and become smaller and more functional, the need for robust simulation solutions increases. Ansoft™ software helps engineers design, simulate and validate the behavior of complex high performance RF, microwave and millimeter-wave devices in next-generation wireless communication and defense systems. Using Ansoft technology, customers can achieve a dramatic reduction in development time and cost, while at the same time realize increased reliability and optimization.

Antenna Magus and FEKO have joined forces to offer a new software solution aimed at engineers engaged in antenna design and antenna placement analysis. Antenna Magus offers a large searchable collection of antennas, which can be explored to find, synthesize and export antenna models.

WIN Semiconductors announced the availability of a set of design kits for its PP25 family of 0.25 μm optical gate PHEMT technologies for use with Advanced Design System (ADS) EDA software from Agilent Technologies.

The Modelithics Library Complete is a comprehensive collection of accurate models for active and passive devices, inclusive of the CLR Library™ for passives the NLT Library™ for transistors, the NLD Library™ for diodes and the SLC Library™ for system level components, such as amplifiers, attenuators and filters. Modelithics continues to release upgraded versions of these libraries for popular microwave circuit simulators. Modelithics® also supports custom modeling services to meet just about any RF/microwave modeling need.

IMST announced it will present the new 3D EM solver EMPIRE XCcel 5.3 in Booth #2236. EMPIRE XCcel covers nearly all today's design challenges for RF designers, like antennas, passive circuits, packages, waveguides or EMC/EMI problems. Due to the unique structure and processor adapted code generation a simulation performance up to 1600 Million FDTD Cells per second can be achieved on a conventional PC with full access to the built-in memory. Thus, very complex structures can be modeled very fast and highly accurate (e.g. 23 lambda x 16 lambda x 4.5 lambda array antenna simulation at 24 GHz needs only 12 GB memory).

WIPL-D announced its newest product: WIPL-D Pro CAD, a package consisting of WIPL-D Pro 3D EM Solver and the module for conversion of models from external file formats into simulation-ready WIPL-D projects. Added functionality greatly enhances the interoperability and productivity of the company's cutting-edge solver, offering its fast and accurate simulation technology without the cost of re-drawing existing CAD models. The most important features include translation from the most popular CAD formats; fault correction and material properties assignment; and automatic all-quad meshing.

Sonnet Software Inc. introduced Sonnet Lite Release 12, a free 3D Planar EM simulator, currently available for download, as a tool for learning and experimenting in high frequency RF transmission lines, circuits, packages and antennas.