Modelithics and Auriga Measurement Systems announced the placement of an Auriga AU4750 pulsed IV measurement system at Modelithics. Modelithics is now integrating the AU4750 into its overall transistor characterization and modeling strategy. “For several years we have used the DIVA pulsed IV system, previously supplied by Accent Optoelectronics. However, after evaluating the AU4750, we are extremely pleased with its advanced capabilities and specifications, its powerful flexibility and especially its multiple graphical interfaces,” said Larry Dunleavy, President of Modelithics. We anticipate finding many ways to use the system for advanced pulsed measurements of microwave devices, starting with high power GaN as well as LDMOS, GaAs PHEMT and other transistors with significant self-heating and/or trapping effects. The external triggering options that enable integration of the test system with a suitable VNA for pulsed S-parameters and are also expected to enhance our pulsed load-pull measurements.”

Ted Lewis, Vice President of Auriga Measurement Systems, said, “We are pleased that Modelithics, an industry leader in the development of nonlinear microwave device models, will be using the Auriga system as an integral part of their overall characterization and modeling methodologies to support their customers. We’ve had a great relationship with Larry and his team at Modelithics and are very pleased the AU4750 is part of his lab.”

By using low duty cycle pulsed IV measurements, thermal, as well as trap related effects, can be held constant at conditions more similar to device behavior under RF signal swings. Pulsed IV measurements under varied temperature and power dissipation conditions can also be useful for electro-thermal effect modeling. The AU4750 is capable of pulsed widths as narrow as 200ns, and pulsing to 200 V in drain voltage and 10A of drain current, enabling much larger devices to be tested over a broader range of pulsed IV conditions than most alternatively available measurement systems.