Iridium Satellite LLC has appointed Cambridge Consultants as a strategic wireless technology development consultant, charged with helping the company to evolve the design of its ground-based terminal equipment. The consultancy has assembled a multi-disciplinary engineering team with expertise in satellite communications to work on the multi-million dollar program.

Specifically, Cambridge Consultants is developing next-generation radio frequency (RF) hardware and software to enhance the functionality of the terminals. The focus will be on moving much of the radio functionality into the digital domain to provide greater performance and flexibility. The consultancy is also adding new features to Iridium’s advanced packet-based data communications capability. These will extend the performance of the network in application areas such as supply chain management and remote monitoring.

“We are tremendously excited to be working with Iridium to assist in the creation of their next-generation products,” said Richard Traherne, manager of Cambridge Consultants’ wireless business unit. “Their system is an engineering marvel that our team has found extremely fulfilling to work on. The network has unique attributes that we look forward to leveraging for Iridium in the form of compelling new products.”