VTI Instruments Corp. announced the release of three new modules for use on the VXIbus platform. The SMP3620, SMP3625 and SMP7000 increase the flexibility of VTI's popular SMIP product family by including analog output (0 to 35 V) and custom breadboard design capabilities.

The SMIP series' ability to mix and match signal switching and analog output in a modular VXI architecture is a unique feature that is unmatched by similar platforms. The new modules offer increased flexibility for test system designers by adding custom development options on a COTS platform and high density digital-to-analog converters suitable for testing avionics subassemblies.

“VTI's SMIP series has set the standard for modular, high density switching in demanding mil/aero applications that range from DC to light,” said Tom Sarfi, Business Development Manager. “Because of the SMIP's modular architecture, multiple functions can be accommodated in either one- or two-slot carriers. These new modules bring increased functionality to the SMIP product family that can further optimize system footprint and lower overall costs.”