Tektronix Inc., a provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced significant enhancements for the RSA6000 Series spectrum analyzers. These latest hardware and software enhancements deliver unprecedented diagnostic capability and faster time-to-solution using industry-leading triggering technology and real-time signal analysis. The RSA6000 Series offer reduced test times with faster measurement speed, and lower systems cost due to their unique combination of measurement capabilities, making them particularly well suited for spectrum management, radar, electronic warfare and radio communications applications.

Increasing need for combining digital computing and traditional RF technologies has introduced new analysis challenges, including broadband transients, digital signal processing (DSP) errors and so-called 'runt' pulses. These signals are becoming more complex and time-consuming to troubleshoot using traditional analyzers that are equipped only with narrow filters and slow spectrum update rates. Elusive transients can cause intermittent failures that are unacceptable in high-reliability applications, and these interferers and hostile signals often overlap in time and frequency with allowed transmissions, so they are difficult to separate. Featuring advanced time, amplitude and DPX™ trigger functions combined with swept DPX, the RSA6000 Series now enables faster discovery and capture of these intermittent and rapidly changing signals.

“The enhanced RSA6000 Series essentially re-invents the swept spectrum analyzer,” said Bob Hiebert, Director of Marketing, Spectrum Analyzer Product Line Tektronix. “As the time-domain and frequency-domain worlds intersect, the logical way forward is to use a single instrument and maximize return on investment. Using the RSA6000 RTSA provides real-time advantages and solid swept performance, adding additional characterization capabilities while satisfying the need for a basic spectrum analyzer and a vector signal analyzer."

To see a demonstration, visit Tektronix at the MTTS-IMS show at Booth # 2624.