BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies Ltd. has entered into a definitive Memorandum of Understanding with SSMART S.A. and SIGNAAL HELLAS S.A., to establish a long term strategic partnership in support of the Hellenic defence forces acquisition and integration programmes. SSMART specialises in hardware production and services primarily for sensors and naval applications and SIGNAAL HELLAS in software production for real time environments for the defence and civilian markets. Both companies are based in Mandra Attikis, Greece.

The strategic partnership supports BAE Systems’ significant installed base with the Hellenic defence forces and long term commitment to providing the forces with advanced operational equipment and systems. To underpin the delivery of this strategy, BAE Systems, SSMART and SIGNAAL HELLAS will bring together proven capabilities from across their home markets and thereby strengthen local and in-country support to the armed forces.

SSMART S.A. and SIGNAAL HELLAS S.A., with over eight years experience, are an independent, flexible and dynamic team, capable of offering products and services of the high standards and specifications demanded by the Armed Forces and Defence Industries. Each company is uniquely structured and focused in its area of expertise and fully ISO 9001:2000 and AQAP 2110 certified by Lloyds and compliant with national and NATO security requirements for defence industries.