SimLab Software GmbH has become a 100 per cent subsidiary company of Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST). The acquisition of all outstanding shares followed the successful partnership and participation agreement signed in June 2007. The company believes that design engineers interested in PCB and cable harness simulation will profit from this acquisition through full exploitation of synergies in product development and support. This step will accelerate the incorporation of SimLab’s cutting-edge technology into CST’s design environment.

Two products, based on SimLab technology, have already been integrated successfully in CST STUDIO SUITE™. CST PCB STUDIO™ (CST PCBS) and CST CABLE STUDIO™ (CST CS) are used to study signal propagation on PCBs and cable harnesses, with high efficiency.

CST PCBS is a specialist tool for the investigation of signal and power integrity and the simulation of EMC and EMI effects on PCBs. Applications include high speed digital, analog/mixed signal and power supply. The tool integrates into various design flows, calculating parasitic crosstalk effects and simulating the electronic network in time or frequency domain. Of particular interest is the interface with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS), which enables linking PCB simulations with subsequent full 3D analysis of electromagnetic emissions.

CST CS, on the other hand, is focused on the analysis of SI, EMC and EMI effects in cable harness systems. Applications include the optimization of shielding, weight and space consumption on single wires, twisted pairs, and complex cable harnesses with an unlimited number of cables. Typical analyses include voltage distributions on probes, current flow through components, scattering parameters, impedances and emissions simulation through CST MWS.