NEC Corp. has created NEC Eastern Europe, which will target 15 per cent revenue growth with a significant focus on the fast developing Eastern European Enterprise business with converged IT-Network solutions. NEC has already been extremely successful with telecommunications and broadcast infrastructure in Eastern Europe, including its PASOLINK ultra-compact microwave communications system for mobile backhaul. The acquisition of Linecom KFT in April 2008 further enhanced the resources and experience of the organization and will now support the planned growth into the Eastern European Enterprise market.

Until recently, NEC Europe operated through branch offices in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic in order to drive the rapid expansion of its Eastern European business, which now consists of activities throughout 17 Central-Eastern-European countries.

The new company’s range of services includes broadcasting and IT network enterprises and it aims to prepare a framework for providing digital broadcasting equipment and video solutions that drive the expansion of next generation networks (NGN) for broadcasters and telecommunications carriers alike. Furthermore, having local staff, who understand the culture, language and regional business markets puts NEC Eastern Europe in a position to offer the most effective business and technological adjustments tailored to each country’s and customer’s specific situation.

Construction of communications infrastructure and the provision of digital broadcast networks are expected to contribute significantly to the growth of Eastern Europe’s business opportunities, allowing it to compete on a level playing field with its European neighbors and globally. In addition, as companies come to rely more and more on their voice and data communications networks there is a clear need for a reliable, faster, more secure network infrastructure. Through this new initiative NEC will provide its Eastern European customers with the equipment critical for economic success in the region, designed to facilitate optimum performance at no environmental cost.

Toru Koishi, CEO of NEC Eastern Europe, commented, “Over the past 30 years, NEC has gained unrivalled experience of Eastern European markets. Although we foresee that Eastern European economic growth is going to slow down due to the serious impact of the financial crisis, we also believe that demand for innovative services that include first-class communications and IT solutions remains strong. NEC Eastern Europe will provide total solutions in IT and network technologies through customized products and a variety of engineering and professional services which meet the specific needs of our regional customers.”