L-com, a leader in the manufacture of wired and wireless connectivity solutions, announced a new wide angle, 2.4 GHz antenna for installation in offices, health facilities, educational settings, industrial sites and retail complexes, to name just some applications.

The new antenna (HG2405P-135) is designed for very compact installations (foot print of 3”x6”) and is ideal for WiFi, PCS, DCS and custom applications. The HG2405P-135 gives the system designer wide angle coverage of an area without multiple antennas or larger foot print antennas. This new antenna is available with four connector versions: Type N female, Type N male, Reverse Polarity SMA plug and Reverse Polarity TNC plug with optional cable lengths to meet any situation. Custom configurations are also available. The antenna is particularly efficient in minimizing the occurrence of multipath, a problem encountered with other wide angle wall mounted antennas.

“L-com has developed this new antenna for the system designer to use where space is tight and wide angel coverage of an area is required. This antenna is compact, full featured, and supports many installation options and applications. The HG2405P-135 is a great, cost-effective option to similar antennas in the market,” said Karl Blomgren, L-com’s Antenna Product Manager.

In addition to this new, wide angle 2.4 GHz antenna, L-com offers an extensive line of antennas for all wireless applications and installations.