WiMAX service providers have a rich environment to create real business, not only providing services to traditional customers, but also to developing a solid ecosystem with other technology developers which are seeking for enhancing their WiMAX-based developed products. This developed ecosystem facilitates certain advantages for all ecosystem partners and such advantages are reflected to customers. The report begins with a technical overview of WiMAX and associated services. The technical discussion includes the architecture of WiMAX systems and standards, and the relationship between WiMAX and other technologies. The report then addresses WiMAX services and applications including VPN, VoIP, mobile voice, telemetry, entertainment services, VoIP-over-WiMAX, IPTV-over-WiMAX, services for Wireless service providers, and rural connectivity services. In addition, the report present information about services from the user prospective, and introduces WiMAX usage scenarios.

The report also provides a comprehensive analysis for WiMAX services market, including market definition, ecosystem and value chain, service providers analysis (e.g. who is doing what), overall analysis for service providers. The report also goes deeply in value chain by discussing the structure of value chain and partnership analysis. In addition, the report presents a global SWOT analysis for WiMAX, and introduces business opportunities for WiMAX services. Finally, the report presents predications for the future of WiMAX.

Select Findings:

• WiMAX will be embedded into many data, CE and voice services, PDA and smart phones

• One of the key advantages of WiMAX is that is offers much higher spectral efficiency than WCDMA

• The supports of smart antenna technology by WiMAX is an advantage

• WiMAX will solve serious problems including last mile problem, backhaul and some other application for private and public network

• Entertainment services such as broadcast video, video-on-demand, VoIP, instant messaging, gaming and click to call will be key applications for WiMAX


• Broadband wireless network solutions providers

• Broadband wireless service providers

• WiMAX components manufacturers

• WiMAX deployment companies

• Broadband wireless technology developers

• VoIP service providers, equipment manufacturers and developers

• IPTV service providers, equipment manufacturers and developers

• Online gaming solutions providers

• Wi-Fi service providers

• Telecommunications market analysts