NEC’s UPG2193T6E Single Pole Eight Throw (SP8T) GaAs MMIC antenna switch was developed specifically to meet the needs of new 3G UMTS, W-CDMA and Quad-band EDGE mobile phone designs. End-users are demanding more and more functionality in their mobile phones and manufacturers are responding with a variety of new designs. The UPG2193T6E was developed to meet the industry’s need to replace the common two-switch solution with a single miniature device. Available from California Eastern Laboratories (CEL), the UPG2193T6E delivers low insertion loss, high isolation and high linearity. Developed specifically to support multi-band mobilecomm transceiver platforms, the UPG2193T6E provides switching between five GSM and three W-CDMA pins. The UPG2193T6E also features an onboard SPI controller. Its 3.5 x 3.5 mm package is just 0.55 mm in height, making it an ideal solution for today’s ultra-thin mobile phone designs.