As of 1st March 2009, European Antennas Ltd. began trading as Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas. The name change follows the announcement by Cobham that all their companies will adopt the refreshed Cobham image and trade under the Cobham brand.

European Antennas Ltd. has been part of Cobham plc since 1999, initially as part of the Chelton Group of Companies, and more recently as part of the Cobham Defence Systems Division. The new name is a brand only and the company states that everything else remains the same: the people, the antenna design and manufacturing capabilities and the location in Cheveley, England.

Operations will still be carried out under the company name of European Antennas Ltd., so existing approvals and export documentation are valid. Orders and accounting details should be addressed Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas; however, any paperwork addressed to European Antennas will still be valid. Specific agreements that need to be updated will be addressed on a case by case basis, where appropriate.

The website and e-mail contact details will change in the long term. However, antenna information can still be found on This will eventually be changed and all the information will be on the new Cobham website.