The aim of Defence and Communications Systems (DCS), an integrated business unit of the EADS Defence & Security Division, is to boost growth in Europe and the rest of the world. To achieve this, it has been decided that DCS, led by Hervé Guillou, will overhaul its organization to improve integration and focus key resources on generating organic growth, new services and external growth.

This initiative is seen as complementing DCS’s strategic mission to develop the company’s positions as full systems integrator, service provider, and supplier of secure mobile communications solutions that meet the critical needs of institutional clients in the defence and security sectors.

DCS will now consist of two lines of business: Integrated Systems (IS) and Security and Communications Solutions (SCS). Two new transversal entities have also been created: Development of Business will focus on non-organic growth, and Middle East & North Africa (MENA), based in the United Arab Emirates, will be the first operational entity in the region.

Headed by Jean-Marc Nasr, the IS business unit will be dedicated to integrated defence and security tailor-made solutions based on a portfolio that will include both systems and services in all areas of Defence and Global Security in the fields of air, land, sea and joint.

Dirk Borchardt will lead the SCS business unit, DCS’s industrial solutions entity organized around the major product families. SCS will oversee the former Secure Networks professional radio communications business, the PlantCML (the US-based firm acquired by EADS in 2008) control centre product line and the Ectocryp solution family.

Based in Abu Dhabi, Franz Peraus will run regional operations for MENA with the goal of expanding the company’s industrial footprint in the region. The Development of Business entity, led by Len Tyler, will oversee the development of new commercial solutions, manage R&T and R&D investments, and cultivate partnerships, alliances and strategic acquisitions.