Giga-tronics Inc. introduces a new broadband high power microwave signal generator system for high performance test and measurement applications. The GT-2620A high power microwave signal generator system, Gigatronics’ Titan System, provides significantly higher power levels at microwave frequencies than are available from stand-alone signal generators, while maintaining a calibrated level controlled by the signal generator. This capability provides benefits in test productivity and throughput, eliminating the time and cost of manually measuring and setting the amplifier output power level, or developing and automating an external measurement scheme.

The Titan System is built around the Giga-tronics 2520A high performance microwave signal generator featuring Giga-tronics’ patented Accumulative High Frequency Feedback (AHFF) technology that delivers excellent close-in phase noise and fast switching speed, and the Gigatronics GT-1000A microwave power amplifier incorporating Spatium™ spatially-combining solid-state amplifier technology that delivers exceptionally wide bandwidth, low noise amplification.

Ideal for microwave R&D labs, antenna, EMC and EW test applications, the GT-2620A features:

• 2 to 20 GHz, up to +40 dBm (10 W)
• Solid-state broadband; no tubes, no switching of narrow band amplifiers
• Low phase noise, low harmonics and low spurious for high signal purity
• Amplifier output power set directly on the signal generator

“Our customers constantly request more microwave power either to overcome cable losses in ATE systems or to drive devices with higher signal levels, this is our way of ensuring our customers needs are met,” said Malcolm Levy, vice president of sales and marketing. “The wideband capability of the Titan system means that old narrow band amplifiers and associated switching systems can be removed to make way for state of the art high power microwave signal generation.”