Remcom announces the release of XFdtd® 7.0 (XF7), a new electromagnetic simulation tool for antenna design and analysis, biological EM analysis, microwave circuit design, and other EM simulation applications. XF7 marks a departure from other standard 3D EM solvers with a simplified and streamlined user interface, cross-platform functionality, and several time-saving features that are unique to the market.

XF7’s most important benefit is improved efficiency due to faster, easier simulation workflow. Scott Langdon, product manager for XFdtd, said, “In addition to looking at what new features customers were requesting, we looked at ways to transform the typical workflow required to produce good simulations. By simplifying simulation setup and post-processing, engineers can focus on the design itself rather than on commands and menus.”

Other unique capabilities of XF7 include:

• Ubiquitous parameter control facilitates increased automation and time savings

• Easy to create custom features via a powerful scripting API

• First EM simulation package in the industry to run natively on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

• Guided modeling processes, an editable modeling history, and the ability to edit imported CAD files substantially enhance productivity

• Intelligent, ultra-fast meshing expedites previewing of finished meshes with materials prior to simulation

• Dynamic and interactive graphing allows results to be viewed and automatically updated as simulation data changes

• Custom project templates, simulation history, shared libraries, and hierarchy import enable shortcuts and reuse of past results

• Complete control of any output and no restrictions on where fields can be saved

• Customizable Results Browser with filtering and searching tools supports an iterative workflow and fast, persistent access to all past results

• Clutter-free, straight-forward organization of tools and attractive, eye-catching icons and window layouts

“XF7 isn’t just a new release of an existing product; it’s the first of its kind in an entirely new EM simulation class. It offers a creative, modern approach to simulation that hasn’t been available in the market thus far,” said lead developer Bradley Flubacher. “In addition, Remcom’s core competency has always been developing EM simulation tools from the ground up, with a strong focus on the highest-quality simulation technology. This expertise and leadership have led to other companies partnering with Remcom to incorporate our technology and innovation into their own products.”

XF7 is available in both Pro and Bio-Pro versions. Both include 32- or 64-bit analysis module, geometric modeler and postprocessor, shared memory multiprocessor (MPM) at eight cores, and comprehensive variety of 3D CAD import modules. The Bio-Pro version also includes SAR capability and hi-fidelity human body meshes.