SELEX Galileo is using Plextek's EPAC embedded processing and communications platform in its CISP communications technology, which is a key element in the Sensing & Autonomous Tactical Urban Reconnaissance Network (SATURN) solution. SATURN employs unmanned aerial and ground vehicles each fitted with sensors to report findings back to a remote processing station using novel algorithms to process data and direct the vehicles' behavior.

SELEX Galileo was responsible for the unique self-forming communications network and single user interface allowing an operator to monitor the multiple vehicle system. The CISP communications technology, incorporating Plextek's EPAC platform, was used to seamlessly network all the system elements together. CISP is also used within SELEX Galileo's HYDRA family of sensor products which are in service with the Finnish Armed Forces.

Plextek's EPAC is a compact embedded processing and communications platform with power consumption typically less than 4 W. The modular system integrates a common processing platform, 802.11a/b/g WLAN radio and an optional personality module to allow standard or bespoke interfaces to be added including JPEG2000 video encoding, analogue sampling and GPRS/GSM quad band communication. The flexibility of the EPAC platform means hardware and software features can be adapted to meet the specific needs of users.

Tim Phipps, sales and marketing director, Plextek, commented, "We're delighted that SELEX Galileo has seen the value and flexibility of our technology and re-applied it in other areas of its business, as demonstrated by its CISP technology and the innovative SATURN solution. The powerful combination of integrated functionality, processing capability, expandability and low-power consumption means EPAC lends itself to a huge range of usage applications in defense and homeland security."