DragonWave Inc., a supplier of high capacity, wireless native Ethernet backhaul solutions for mobile and access networks, announced that ECAS Telecommunications & Systems Ltd. has selected the Horizon Compact for Internet Protocol (IP) backhaul of WiMAX, 3.5G, Evolution Data Only (EVDO) and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) services in Nigeria. ECAS selected the DragonWave solution for its tremendous throughput, easy deployment and use and low power consumption.

“The potential of the Nigerian market is huge. Mobile voice services have exploded over the last eight years, and telecommunications companies are now lining up to roll out WiMAX and other next-generation services,” said Rami Sabag, executive director of ECAS. “DragonWave’s solution is an integral element in our strategy to serve this market. The Horizon Compact is at the same time sophisticated and simple, enabling our customers to meet dramatic growth in demand very quickly and cost-effectively. Plus, the Horizon Compact’s relatively low power consumption is a benefit of particular importance in Nigeria. In an environment where electricity is frequently provided by generators and highly unstable, DragonWave affords us a very resilient and dependable backhaul solution.”

Established in 1988, ECAS serves an array of leading network operators, service providers, enterprises, governments and state agencies in Nigeria. It also works closely with the Nigerian Communications Commission to drive broadband rollout and advance the nation’s telecommunications market. ECAS has helped enable rapid uptake for GSM mobile voice services in Nigeria, and in 2009, with the expected emergence of WiMAX licenses in the country, its customers hope to introduce next-generation mobile data services.

“With a long track record with the country’s leading telecommunications companies, ECAS provides us with a very powerful entrée in to the booming Nigerian market and extends our momentum in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region,” said Peter Allen, president and chief executive officer of DragonWave. “ECAS has distinguished itself in Nigeria by consistently availing its customers to the latest advanced technologies, so we are very proud that the Horizon Compact is ECAS’s choice for native Ethernet backhaul.”