Taconic and Modelithics™ announced that they have begun a collaboration whereby Modelithics will significantly increase its use of Taconic's high performance printed circuit board (PCB) substrate materials in developing its substrate-scalable discrete and surface-mount component models for active and passive components. "At Modelithics most of our modeling projects begin with test fixture and calibration standard design on a carefully selected set of substrates," said Tom Weller, VP of engineering at Modelithics. "The new relationship with Taconic will allow us to use high quality materials that cover a broad range of board properties – and that means better support for our customers, the microwave circuit designers."

Ed Sandor, manager, applications engineer at Taconic, noted, "We know many of our customers in the microwave and RF design community will benefit from Modelithics' application specific models that carefully address the effects of the PCB board on microwave component performance. We're pleased to begin this new relationship and look forward to seeing more simulation models emerge that will help our customers achieve rapid design success with our materials." Taconic joins a growing number of companies listed for convenient reference by the designer community in the "Designer Resources" section of the Modelithics Web site that can be viewed at http://www.modelithics.com/mvp.asp.