Rogers Corp. initiated a complaint of patent infringement against the Arlon Electronic Material Group located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, a division of WHX Corp., for its sale in the US of Arlon TC-600 circuit board material.

The complaint claims Arlon infringed on US Patent No. 5,552,210, "Ceramic Filled Composite Polymeric Electrical Substrate Material Exhibiting High Dielectric Constant and Low Thermal Coefficient of Dielectric Constant." The patent was issued in 1996.

Rogers is the exclusive licensee under US Patent No. 5,552,210. The complaint therefore demands Arlon cease manufacture, sale and distribution of its TC-600 materials.

"Rogers expends substantial effort and resources to develop innovative circuit materials and protect its intellectual property rights," explained Bob Wachob, president and CEO of Rogers Corp. "Anytime we believe our intellectual property rights have been violated we are prepared to take appropriate actions in enforcing and defending these rights."