RFID stakeholders worldwide are being urged to participate in the European Commission-funded CASAGRAS project by joining its Global Forum at www.rfidglobal.eu. In order to obtain the widest possible input of opinions and ideas, anyone with an interest in RFID and its applications is being urged to join the free RFID Forum and express their views and by doing so influence the project’s findings and help shape the future for RFID.

CASAGRAS is an EU Framework 7 project aimed at promoting international collaboration on RFID standardisation with particular reference to the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). Its partners represent the UK, Korea, Japan, China, the US, Germany and France.

It is one of the most important RFID projects ever funded by the European Commission with its brief to make recommendations and to propose standards and best practice that can be agreed and applied worldwide.

CASAGRAS will consider how best to meet the global challenges and maximize the opportunities. It will examine global standards, regulatory and other issues concerning RFID, and provide a framework of foundation studies to assist the international community to accommodate the issues concerning RFID and the Internet of Things.