With the building of a new technology center for €35 M, Rohde & Schwarz is taking an important step forward towards further growth and innovation. During the opening ceremony of the 16,000 m2 site in Munich the emphasis was on a loyalty to and investment in Germany, coupled with continued global development. "We want to create an optimum work environment that supports the creativity of our employees," said Friedrich Schwarz, the company's president and CEO. "In Germany we have a very good infrastructure and highly qualified personnel. That's exactly what a company like Rohde & Schwarz needs, and it makes Germany an attractive place for us. Innovation is a cornerstone of our success and this will remain so in the future as well."

Since fiscal 2002/2003, the company has hired approximately 460 new employees. In 2006, the company is aiming to attract 200 new employees – mainly engineers – in Germany alone, the majority of them for research and development.

It was also emphasized that although the company will remain based in Germany, its worldwide expansion will continue. In particular the markets in the US and Asia are attractive, illustrated by the fact that the company has opened 15 new sales offices outside Germany in the past three years. At present, Rohde & Schwarz has sales and service centers in 70 countries and its own offices in 57 countries.