Network Analyzer Brochure

RS 200This free bro-chure explains how the company’s nonlinear vector network analyzer can provide the critical leap in technology to go beyond linear S-parameters. The technology allows for efficient and accurate analysis and design of active devices under real-world operating conditions. The brochure is available for download at:

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (800) 829-4444,

RS No. 200

SIGINT Brochure

RS 201Elcom Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of synthesizers and receivers up to 40 GHz in the RF and microwave frequency spectrum for applications in the ATE, SIGINT, Custom Hi-Rel and SATCOM markets, has just released the new FlxGen™ family of HF-VHF/UHF-MW receivers and downconverters brochure.

Elcom Technologies, Rockleigh, NJ
(201) 767-8030,

RS No. 201

Guide to OFDM/A, MIMO, WLAN and WiMAX

RS 202Keep up with RF technology with a free copy of Keithley’s new CD, Guide to OFDM/A Technology, MIMO Configurations, and WLAN and WiMAX Applications. It includes two white papers, a presentation and a number of tools demonstrating MIMO testing. Request your copy at or by calling Keithley Instruments Inc. at (800) 588-9238.

Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH (800) 588-9238,

RS No. 202

Product Catalog

RS 203This new 64-page fiber optic products catalog offers a compilation of individual data sheets that feature product descriptions, applications, electrical specifications, optical performance specifications, power requirements, typical test data, block diagrams, and outline drawings on Miteq’s full-line of fiber optic links, optical receivers and transmitters. To download the catalog, visit the company’s web site at

MITEQ Inc., Hauppauge, NY
(631) 436-7400,

RS No. 203

Product and Services Catalog

RS 204This product and services catalog features the company’s newly developed PMTL™, a new patent pending, transmission line technology for high speed interconnect and packaging of devices and systems. The initial PMTL uflex cables provide stable phase, group delay, and impedance, with low insertion loss and extremely low cross talk, under bending, twisting, and mechanical distress, from DC to 50 GHz, and scalable to work to 220 GHz and beyond. This catalog provides data sheets for a family of products based on the patent pending PMTL, such as single and differential impedance flex/rigid jumper/connectors, wafer and PCB probes, test fixtures and sockets, and technical service targeting the signal integrity, and testing connectivity market across the spectrum.

RFConnext Inc., San Jose, CA
(408) 981-3700,

RS No. 204

Components and Systems Catalog

RS 205This product catalog features the company’s connectors, jumper cables, splitters, couplers, di-/triplexers and multiplexers. This mobile communication catalog also highlights products required for the installation on site. The components and systems catalog is available as a printed hardcopy and a CD-ROM.

SPINNER GmbH, Munich, Germany
+49 89 12601-0,

RS No. 205