Giga-tronics Inc. announced that its Microsource subsidiary has been awarded a development contract from the Boeing Co. to produce a fast-tuned synthesized filter system for the F-15E fighter aircraft. This is part of the Radar Modernization Program “RMP” for the US Air Force that will allow the F-15E to continue its multi-role air supremacy for decades. This contract is expected to run until the end of 2010 and is valued at $3.3 M. John Regazzi, CEO of Giga-tronics stated, "This award is significant in that it further confirms the technical leadership that Giga-tronics offers in fast-tuned synthesized YIG-based products. At the conclusion of the development phase, we will be capable of producing filter systems for both the US Navy F-18s and the US Air Force F-15s. We are honored that Boeing has once again selected us for one of their programs.”