Orbit Technology Group, a leader in the field of tracking technology and advanced mobile SATCOM systems for ground, air and marine applications, unveils its newest and most advanced Digital Tracking solution, the AL-4012, at the International Telemetry Conference (ITC), in San Diego, CA.

The AL-4012, Orbit’s new generation lightweight Digital Tracking system distinguishes itself as a compact, robust and cost effective solution, high dynamic accuracy and only a single command and control communication link (multi pin cables are no longer needed). Reliable, user friendly and simple to operate, this all-in-one package offers remarkable power-to-size ratio and simple assembly while supporting a wide range of systems and applications. The system is designated for both portable and fixed ground installations and it can be used on ground and marine platforms for tracking UAVs, Aircrafts, Low Orbiting Satellites and others.

Equipped with brushless servomotors and planetary gearbox as well as an absolute encoder for each axis, the AL-4012 can be used for tracking and telemetry systems, weather radar systems, positioning systems and others. The system is unique as it operates digitally, featuring Dual Digital Servo Amplifier (DDSA), and includes Built-In-Test (BIT) abilities for the entire pedestal.

“As a longstanding exhibitor at the ITC, we are especially excited to unveil our newest development in tracking systems at this year’s conference.” Says Orbit’s CEO, Dr. Ehud Netzer. “This new generation system reflects our dedication to technological innovation while underscoring our continued emphasis on offering reliable, cost effective, and user friendly solutions.” Dr. Netzer adds.