Mician GmbH, Bremen, Germany, and EM Invent sp. z o.o., Gdansk, Poland, have signed an agreement for the distribution of design tools developed by EM Invent, dedicated to the design of coupled cavity filters. Mician will be distributing EM Invent’s new tools for coupling matrix synthesis of generalized Chebyshev bandpass and bandstop filters (Coupling Matrix Synthesis Wizard) as well as a fully automated combline filter design tool (Combline Filters Synthesis Wizard).

The Coupling Matrix Synthesis Wizard allows to quickly synthesize a coupling matrix of a bandpass or bandstop filter with generalized Chebyshev response and required specification (filter order, return loss level, pre-defined pure-imaginary transmission or complex transmission zeros and filter topology).

The resulting coupling matrix is an excellent starting point for filter design. The Filter Wizard uses a unique technique of coupling matrix synthesis, which is capable to find the couplings for various nonstandard, unique topologies including several load (source)-resonator and direct load-source couplings.

The Combline Filters Synthesis Wizard allows to quickly synthesize and optimize a combline passband filter (inline or folded configuration) using the mode-matching technique of simulation provided by Mician’s μWave Wizard™. Fast synthesis is perforated automatically based on filter specification. Combline Filters Synthesis Wizard uses a novel technique of synthesis and a unique, efficient optimization method dedicated to optimization of microwave filters.

The products will be available as additional features for Mician’s EM CAD software μWave Wizard™.