Free MIMO Poster

RS 320This full-color poster from Agilent, “Ten Things You Should Know about MIMO,” presents MIMO operation and test methodologies, using specific examples to high-light the impact on the radio system or associated test. Visit to order a copy.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (800) 829-4444,

RS No. 320

Visual System Simulator

RS 321AWR’s Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) is complete and comprehensive software for the design of today’s complex communications systems. In March of this year, the European Union officially endorsed Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld (DVB-H) as the preferred technology for terrestrial mobile broadcasting that is specific to handheld devices. AWR now supports the addition of DVB-T/H (Terrestrial/Handheld) solutions to VSS. The test bench shown in the figure is tailored specifically for receiver sensitivity analysis.

Applied Wave Research Inc.,
El Segundo, CA (310) 726-3000,

RS No. 321

Filter Catalog

RS 322This new short form catalog features a sampling of the company’s RF and microwave filter products to 40 GHz utilized in military, commercial and wireless applications. The catalog also highlights some of the company’s diverse filter design and manufacturing capabilities.

Eastern Wireless TeleComm Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-3800,

RS No. 322

High Power Broadband RF Amplifiers

RS 323This updated Products and Capabilities Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s capabilities and a listing of its most popular amplifier products. With products that cover from 150 kHz to 6 GHz and an extensive library of building block designs, there is an array of standard and semi-custom solutions available.

Empower RF Systems Inc.,
Inglewood, CA (310) 412-8100,

RS No. 323

RF and Microwave Filters

RS 324This catalog features the company’s full line of RF and microwave filter products. The catalog highlights high reliability filters, multiplexers and switched filter banks that cover DC to 50 GHz and are tailored to meet the military market. To request a complimentary copy, e-mail:

Reactel Inc.,
Gaithersburg, MD (301) 519-3660,

RS No. 324

Components and Systems Catalog

RS 325This product catalog features the company’s connectors, jumper cables, splitters, couplers, di-/triplexers and multiplexers. This mobile communication catalog also highlights products required for the installation on site. The components and systems catalog is available as a printed hardcopy and a CD-ROM.

Munich, Germany +49 89 12601-0,

RS No. 325