Mimix Asia and TNO Defence, Security and Safety have signed an extension of the contract to manufacture, promote, distribute and market Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC) designed and developed by TNO.

The extension of the contract covers the addition of new MMICs, especially an X-band Core chip XZ1002, which Mimix Asia will market in combination with an existing 10 W High Power Amplifier XP1006 as a matched Radar Chip set. This X-band Core chip integrates a 6 bits phase shifter, a 5 bits attenuator and LVCMOS digital interface together with the supporting Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), switches and driver circuitry. As both MMICs are manufactured in the same gallium arsenide (GaAs) process, they are an ideal combination for phased-array antenna applications.

“The combination of TNO’s experience in the design and development of MMICs as well as its know-how and experience of phased-array technology ensures that the performance of these MMICs is well adapted to market requirements. TNO is able to make a well judged trade-off between system requirements and capabilities of the technology”, said Peter J. Hales, vice president sales of Mimix Asia.

Frank van den Bogaart, Manager Research of TNO and General Chairman of the European Microwave Week 2008, stated: “Mimix Asia has established its experience and industrial capabilities in the volume telecommunication world. Applying this experience in the military and space segments is crucial for introducing the TNO designs into these high-tech markets. Mimix Asia and TNO have proven to be a winning combination for phased-array technology. This is again demonstrated today by the introduction of the matched Radar Chip set."