Laird Technologies Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of customized, performance-critical components and systems for wireless and other advanced electronics, recently announced the addition of four new Bluetooth® modules to its range of wireless products.

Laird Technologies has removed the complexity of adding wireless technology to embedded products with the launch of its ground-breaking new range of Bluetooth modules that extends its current module range to cover almost any short range wireless application. The four new modules incorporate Bluetooth stacks and are pre-approved to minimize the design effort in implementing short range wireless.

The BTM410 is designed for data applications and is a fully integrated, sub-miniature Bluetooth data-oriented module based on Cambridge Silicon Radio’s market leading BC04 chipset. Incorporating a full Bluetooth stack and supporting a serial port profile, the BTM410 provides a UART interface and a comprehensive AT command set to allow an easy interface to a host processor. It is the fastest method of adding a Bluetooth wireless data link to an embedded product.

Targeted at systems running an embedded operating system with its own Bluetooth stack (such as Windows CE or Linux), the BTM420 module range uses the same sub-miniature format, but supports an HCI interface and is pre-approved as a Bluetooth Controller Subsystem.

Ideal for audio and multimedia applications, the BTM510 module supports headset applications and is based on Cambridge Silicon Radio’s BC05 chipset with integrated DSP. Its small form factor with optimized power consumption supports stereo speakers with on-board speaker drivers, as well as a microphone. The BTM510 includes a full Bluetooth stack with built-in support for A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP profiles. An AT command set, enhanced for multimedia applications, provides simple control, including the ability to map local switch functionality to a range of I/O pins.

For power multimedia applications, the BTM520 series offers every function designers require including a high-gain, multilayer ceramic antenna that provides +10 dBm output, delivering a leading-edge range for multimedia requirements. In addition, the integrated Bluetooth stack provides a comprehensive range of profiles. The 32-bit Kalimba DSP, running at 64MIPS, allows on-board implementation of noise reduction, echo cancellation and other multimedia applications. Speaker drivers, microphone bias and all audio filtration is included within the module, making integration simple. The module also provides a full range of I/O, allowing it to support CSR Road Tunes and Blue Tunes applications.

“This new range of Bluetooth modules answers most short range wireless application requirements,” said Nick Hunn, Advanced Technology Director of Laird Technologies, “and confirms our commitment to removing the complexity of wireless from the designer. We are designing a system block that takes data in and seamlessly sends it out over a Bluetooth link. This ease of integration allows designers to replace cables with a wireless link.”

All these new modules are based on the latest Bluetooth standard, Version 2.1+EDR, and deliver the advantages of Secure Simple Pairing. This allows simpler user interfaces, making products easier to use, which reduces subsequent support costs. All of the modules are designed for high reliability and support an industrial operating temperature range of -30° to +70°C.

Development kits and tools come with all these wireless modules, making integration fast and efficient. They are also backed with the company’s global FAE network and technical support resources to assist developers in getting their products to market faster.

Laird Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of Bluetooth and other short radio wireless modules. This new range complements and expands the Bluetooth module range, offering solutions to every Bluetooth short range wireless connection with ranges up to 1 km.