The 45th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention took place October 19 - 23 in Reno, NV with the theme of "Driving EW Concepts into Operational Realities.” The weather was beautiful and the Old Crows descended upon the town for a full dose of EW training, sessions and exhibition. The attendance was strong and I think they even ran out of delegate bags.

The opening session featured keynote speaker Maj. Gen. Craig Koziol, USAF, Commander JIOWC which kicked off the first day of sessions on Monday as Sunday included courses and social events. The ITT Roost party on Monday night was attended by a large crowd and everyone enjoyed a nice evening of networking with great food, drink and music (the quartet was an excellent group).

Here is a summary of Courses/Session Tracks:

Tuesday - Friday, October 14 - 17
Fundamental Principles of Electronic Warfare Course

Sunday, October 19
Radar for EW Engineers Course
EW Project Management Course

Monday, October 20
Electronic Attack Developments - Naval Aviation Applications
The Future of Ground EW Technologies
Evaluation of Advanced EW Concepts
Meeting Global EW Challenges

Tuesday, October 21
The Future of Army EW
EW Modeling and Simulation
EW Open Systems Architecture
Realistic Ranges for 21st Century Warfighters
Intelligence Support to Electronic Warfare Course

Wednesday, October 22
Technologies for Future Airborne and Maritime EW Systems
EW Training for the Future
A New Vector for Air Force EW

Thursday, October 23
Classified Session-Global Proliferation & Disruptive Technologies: PACOM and the Future of EW
Platform Protection in the Modern Threat Environment

Friday, October 24
Cross-Eye and Other Angle Jamming Techniques Course

About 90 companies exhibited at the show and the traffic seemed pretty good. Companies in general were positive about business opportunities, which is a good sign in this economy. The big names like Boeing, Lockheed, NGC, Raytheon, BAe, ITT, etc. were all there along with the materials, component and test/measurement companies.

Spectrum Microwave displayed their line of wideband 2 to 6 GHz, 4 W power amplifiers with small signal gain from 17 to 35 DB and power output from 19 to 36 dBm. They are housed in small, lightweight surface mount packages that are hermetically sealed. The package is only 1 X 1.45 X .19 inches in size (without connectors). They were also featuring their integrated RF and microwave solutions for demanding frequency generation applications (DROs, CROs, DTOs, PLOs, comb generators and synthesizers).

Tru was showing off their precision test adaptors along with other solutions and Sage (now both under the Ceralta group) was featuring a digital frequency discriminator for ECM, SIGINT, radar warning receivers, capture of single RF pulse events and identification of frequency agile radar.

Cap Wireless was there showing off their spatial combining technology that was recently a product feature in our September issue which you can find