With the support from 7 layers, a specialist in wireless communications testing, LG Electronics (LG), a global leader in consumer electronics, has enlarged its in-house test capacities. It took LG only a short time to become an officially recognized Bluetooth® Test Facility (BRTF). 7 layers set-up an InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution, which is based on the InterLab System Software with integrated Rohde & Schwarz instruments, in LG’s laboratories and provided information and training to speed up the accreditation process.

In order to cover its continuously growing test demands, LG had already set-up an in-house test laboratory based on software tools and services from 7 layers. The Bluetooth RF Test Solution that has now been implemented covers all RF tests defined by the Bluetooth Specification version 2.1+EDR, which are necessary for qualifying modern Bluetooth products with enhanced data rate throughput. It is an ideal tool for the efficient qualification of such modern high tech products as LG is developing and manufacturing.

Jagon Lee at Q&R Center of LG Electronics commented, “We mainly chose this system because of its high automation level. ull automation, as ensured by this Bluetooth test solution, is a must for us, since testing is becoming both faster and more reliable at the same time. The additional training sessions and the valuable information we got from 7 layers helped us considerably in order to quickly achieve the accreditation status. Since both quality and speed are important to our success, the services from 7 layers suited us perfectly.”

“Working with LG on this project was a great pleasure for us”, replied Tom Wellner from 7 layers. “The experienced engineers from LG were well prepared and cooperative. It only took a short time to set up the new system in their already extensive laboratories, which they can now use, both for development and qualification test processes. Should any questions arise, we are very happy to further support them via our Bluetooth service centers in Korea or Irvine, CA (US).”