European Microwave Week plays an important role as the key venue for sharing new innovative technologies and developing the RF and microwave industry as a whole. The event is important to Keithley Instruments as the company has a significant presence in Europe and understands the role European companies play in worldwide markets for RF and microwave devices, equipment and systems.

This year, as in previous years, EuMW is the place that Keithley has chosen to introduce new world-class test instruments and software. Europe has been a leader in mobile communication technologies for well over two decades and as wireless communication migrates from voice to data and higher data rates are required to provide more and new mobile services, European researchers and designers continue to play a leading role in these developments. Keithley’s new test instruments will play a key role in advancing RF communications technologies and increasing competitiveness of global market players.

Significantly, Keithley Instruments has chosen European Microwave Week 2008 to announce a new version of its SignalMeister RF Communications Test Toolkit software, the industry’s first fully integrated software package able to perform both RF waveform creation and analysis. SignalMeister Version 3.0 provides wireless researchers as well as manufacturers of cellular and connectivity devices, including RF chipset suppliers, with a single software platform capable of addressing all common wireless standards in both the cellular and connectivity space such as 3GPP, 3GPP2, WLAN and WiMAX.

The SignalMeister software is typically used in conjunction with the company's Model 2820 RF vector signal analyzers and Model 2920 RF vector signal generators. Because these test instruments rely on next-generation DSP-based Software-defined Radio architecture, they are capable of making extremely high speed measurements both thoroughly and accurately. Together, these two instrument families, working in conjunction with the common SignalMeister software platform, form a powerful RF test and measurement solution that reduces test times and capital equipment costs for testing today’s RF devices as well as making the measurements critical to tomorrow’s RF devices.

All of these instruments and more can be seen on Stands 1111/1210. In addition, a workshop held as part of European Microwave Week will be led by Keithley’s Mark Buffo, director of business development/marketing, RF Instruments, on the subject of MIMO testing.

With regards to the broader picture Keithley sees the key challenges facing both the company and European Microwave Week are to accelerate the development and deployment of new technologies, to improve competitiveness, and to engage more global members of the RF and microwave community. EuMW plays an important role by fostering communications among interested parties worldwide. As the company will demonstrate at EuMW, Keithley’s role as a leading innovator of RF test instruments is to provide new test technologies that bring products to market faster while improving product quality and reducing cost.

Visit Keithley's Virtual Trade Stand for more information on Keithley products, an interview with Mark Buffo, and to schedule a meeting during the show.