HMC-T2000Hittite Microwave Corp., a supplier of complete MMIC-based solutions for communication, military and space markets, announces the release of a new synthesized signal generator for use in research and development laboratories and automated test and measurement environments.

The HMC-T2000 is a compact and lightweight frequency generator that delivers up to +20 dBm (+17 dBm leveled) of CW output power with better than -40 dBc of harmonic rejection at 1 GHz and spurious products better than -42 dBc across the entire frequency range. Phase noise is -83 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset from 4 GHz with insignificant deviation over the temperature range 0 to +35°C. The broad frequency range of 700 to 8000 MHz covers all major communication bands with a frequency resolution of 1 MHz and a fast switching speed of <200 us at 100 MHz steps.

Built on a foundation of high quality and market leading Hittite MMICs, this versatile signal generator also features a USB interface and innovative control software ensuring a carefree integration within multiple test environments. An installation disk that accompanies each unit includes all the drivers required to remotely control the device as well as a user friendly lab-windows based GUI interface compatible with a Windows XP operating system. User control is facilitated via pull down menus that allow programming of single or swept modes in frequency and/or power. Integration of multiple units within a production test environment is easy, affordable and repeatable due to the incorporation of integer mode architecture into the HMC-T2000 and its ability to maintain phase coherence between frequency steps.