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Headlines for Tuesday, November 4

CST Releases Next Generation 3D EM Simulation Software

Freescale Strengthens RF Power Transistor Portfolio

CST Represents Breakthrough in Frequency Domain Mesh Adaptation

Headlines for Friday, October 31

Analog Devices Introduces Broadband Quadrature Modulator

European Collaboration Creates LYNX Brand

Mician Signs Distribution Agreement with EM Invent

Arlon Showcases PTFE Composites

OMMIC Introduces Application Board at 2.5 to 2.7 GHz

RFMD™ Extends Family of Broadband GaAs PHEMT Amplifiers

Trans-Tech Displays Notch/Band Reject Filter

Laird Announces Four New Bluetooth® Modules

TNO and Mimix Asia Extend Cooperation on MMICs

Aeroflex/Weinschel Features Programmable Step Attenuator

Hittite Announces Two New Medium Power Amplifiers

Agilent Simulation Library Verifies Front-end Designs for MIMO

Headlines for Thursday, October 30

Mician GmbH Releases Version 7.0 of µWave Wizard™

Cobham Defense Electronic Systems - Nurad Division Develops Global Positioning System

Mimix Introduces 30 kHz to 40 GHz Distributed Amplifier

OMMIC Launches New X-band Phase Shifter MMIC

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Unveils High-performance Components

inTEST Acquires Sigma Systems

AR Offers Full Color 2009 Wall Calendar

Hittite Introduces Analog Variable Gain Amplifiers

Anritsu Upgrades LTE Software and Analysis Tools

TriQuint Commercializes Millimeter-wave Market with Foundry Processes

Agilent Introduces Technology to Analyze Nonlinear Behaviors of Active Components

Headlines for Wednesday, October 29

EuMW Welcome Reception: Innovation and Awarding Excellence

Tektronix SignalVu Analyzes RF Signals Up to 20 GHz Bandwidth

Hittite Expands Synthesized Signal Generator Line

Agilent Introduces FieldFox RF Analyzer

TriQuint Displays Two New Amplifiers

HVVi Announces Power Transistors for DME Applications

Skyworks Launches Family of SMT Discrete Semiconductors

Keithley Creates RF Communications Toolkit Software

Headlines for Tuesday, October 28, 2008:

Rohde & Schwarz Introduces SMBV100A Vector Signal Generator

UMS Announces A New Design & Customer Support Center in the U.S.

TriQuint Releases Integrated GPS Front-end Module

EMITE Releases 8x8 MIMO Anslyzer Series E100

San-tron Introduces Field-replaceable SMAs

Agilent Showcases Test Solutions for RF and Microwave, Wireless and Radar

Z-Comm Debuts RoHS Compliant VCO in VHF-band

Headlines for Monday, October 27, 2008:

National Instruments and WisyTech Collaborate on WiMAX Toolkit

Z-Communications Releases Second Coaxial Resonator-based VCO

Agilent's PXB MIMO Receiver Tester Transforms MIMO Test

Pascall Launches RoHS Compliant PLDRO Range

Hittite Launches Peak-to-Average Power Detector SMT IC

HVVi Semiconductors to Deliver Two Presentations

Rogers to Demonstrate High-Perfomance Circuit Materials

Headlines for Friday, October 24, 2008:

Agilent's System-level EDA Platform Reduces Design Time

Keithley Introduces Dual-channel Power Supply

National Instruments Debuts 6.6 GHz Modular Instruments

Gore Introduces Online Building for UHD Interconnects

Pascall Announces Addition to Ovenised Crystal Oscillators

Mimix Introduces 5V Medium Power Amplifier

Headlines for Friday, October 17, 2008:

Remcom to Preview New Release of EM Simulation Software

Emerson Network Power to Demonstrate Four Distinct Product Lines

Z-Communications Announces Coaxial Resonator-based VCO

Acceleware's Cluster Solution Technology Adopted by Kodak

Quartzlock Introduces E8-X Series of Reference Instruments

INTEGRATED Announces SINGULA for Highly Lossy Materials

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