Remcom will announce the upcoming release of XFdtd, its multi-purpose electromagnetic simulation software, at the European Microwave Week Exhibition, October 28 - 30, in The Netherlands. XFdtd Release 7.0, which is scheduled to be available in early 2009, will be previewed in Remcom’s Booth 1113. Technical product engineers will be available to demonstrate the new software’s capabilities to conference attendees.

The next version of XFdtd was designed to increase the productivity of the user with a more intuitive interface and a number of ground-breaking new features. User interface refinements will simplify the learning curve for new users, while experienced users will be able to undertake even more challenging problems with the program’s advanced meshing, parameterization and scripting. These and several other new features are designed to add speed and flexibility, making XFdtd a more accessible and productive tool in terms of what has been available in the market thus far.

Selected features of the new release that will be previewed include:
• Cross-platform user interface
• Improved parameterization sweeps including advanced scripting capability
• Simplified, fast, accurate meshing for complex objects
• Editing of imported CAD files
• Improved modeling
• Sophisticated scripting enabling a range of functionality from macros to extensive customization

XFdtd is a full-wave 3D electromagnetic solver based on the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method. XFdtd leads the industry with important features such as fast meshing algorithm, mesh preview before calculation, and the power to solve extremely large and complex projects. In addition, acceleration is available via computer clusters or GPU hardware. Applications include: microwave, RF, antennas, scattering, biological EM (including MRI and handheld devices), photonics, packaging, EMC and electromagnetic behavior of specialized materials. Visit Remcom’s web site at for more information on XFdtd and Remcom’s entire suite of electromagnetic simulation tools.