Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, will demonstrate advanced products for RF and microwave applications at European Microwave Week 2008. At the show, the company will feature products from its four distinct product lines – Trompeter, Johnson, Midwest Microwave and Vitelec. Also in attendance will be Thunderline Z, who will be presenting its range of hermetically sealed feed through interconnection devices.

Among the products on display will be the concentric and field serviceable Trompeter Twin and Triax Connectors. The miniature sized 70 Series of TRB/TRT connectors include bayonet and threaded versions, which provide different levels of mechanical stability and keying.

Emerson’s new line of Johnson SMP Blind-Mate Connectors handles frequencies up to 40 GHz and is compatible with all SMP and GPO® Connectors. The new precision connection interface is a micro-miniature, slide-on/snap-on interconnect system that is ideal for high density packaging. Providing unmatched flexibility, the design of the SMP bullet and shroud system allows for both axial and radial misalignment. The line also includes Full Detent (FD) and Limited Detent (LD) snap-on interfaces and Smooth Bore and Catcher’s Mitt slide-on interfaces; the couplings provide different levels of engage and disengage forces.

Several new connectors have recently been added to the Johnson Non-Magnetic RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies: MMCX micro-miniature connectors meet the needs of the RF coil manufacturers who build smaller coils for MRI equipment. Suitable for small multichannel coil packages, Non-Magnetic MMCX micro-miniature connectors feature a positive snap-on cou¬pling design and provide high mating cycles to ensure rugged, high density connectivity. The Type N Non-Magnetic connectors offer the perfect RF solution for high Tesla fields considered for future designs.

Emerson Network Power will present the Midwest Microwave M42 and M52 series of test and measurement cable assemblies that combine high frequency performance with an ultra low insertion loss, providing a cost-effective solution. Featuring low insertion loss up to 26 GHz, and available terminated with N-Type, 7 mm or SMA (including the Johnson Quick Connect SMA) connectors, the range is designed to meet improved performance criteria over standard cables.

Emerson’s products for RF applications will also be showcased at the event, including a comprehensive range of high-performance Vitelec RF coaxial connectors and rigid/semi-rigid as well as flexible cable assemblies.