Murata Electronics North America, an innovator in electronics and the largest global supplier of ceramic passive components, introduced the new LXMS31 series MAGICSTRAP™ for complete coverage in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band (850 to 965 MHz).

This advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag is designed to be applied directly on the printed circuit board (PCB) like other SMD components. The MAGICSTRAP tag is inductively coupled to the antenna that has been designed and integrated into the PCB. Therefore, no electrical contact is necessary, allowing the MAGICSTRAP to be adhered to the PCB using glue or sticky tape.

RFID is gaining in importance as manufacturing and asset management groups are looking to improve efficiencies, reduce bottlenecks, track inventory and minimize costs. Implementing Murata's MAGICSTRAP in the early stages of manufacturing allows individuals to monitor and quickly take action to improve efficiencies. Once production is complete, the tag can still be read since line of sight is not necessary with RFID technology.

The unique features of Murata's MAGICSTRAP solve many of the challenges faced by companies that do not have the expertise in high-frequency antenna design or impedance matching. The circuitry provides the impedance matching feature required to cover the entire UHF bandwidth in a single device that complies with the EPCGlobal C1 G2 standard. This benefit also maximizes the antenna read range to a distance of five meters in some cases.

"The MAGICSTRAP proves that smart design can be achieved when new technology is crafted to meet the unique needs of emerging markets," said Gerry Hubers, market segment manager for Murata Electronics North America. "With effortless attachment and numerous other advantages, the MAGICSTRAP is ideal for the fast growing RFID industry."

Murata's MAGICSTRAP provides additional design benefits that are well suited for product inventory control and supply chain management. Measuring only 3.2 x 1.6 mm with a maximum height of 0.7 mm also features high tolerance against Electro Static Discharge (ESD) over 10 kV.

The LXMS31 series is scheduled for mass production in the forth quarter of 2008.