Andrew, the CommScope Inc. division, has won a major contract to upgrade the existing communications infrastructure on one of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit rail lines to support a third generation wireless network – the first 3G service for an underground radio network in Singapore.

As part of this project, Andrew will work with IntraWave, the infrastructure service provider for commercial wireless services on the North East Line of Singapore’s MRT rail network. The existing communications infrastructure, which Andrew designed and was activated in 2002, supports only 2G mobile devices. This upgrade is designed to provide commuters with better overall wireless coverage and reception, as well as greater bandwidth and download speeds when using 3G mobile devices. The infrastructure upgrade will support the various 3G applications and services offered by the three local Singapore operators—SingTel Mobile, StarHub Mobile and MobileOne Network.

“This project elevates wireless coverage on Singapore’s underground mass transit system to the next level,” said Matt Melester, vice president and general manager, Wireless Innovations, Andrew. “It is designed to enable commuters to reap the full benefits of 3G technology while on the move, something that will be welcomed by the many Singapore residents here who are tech-savvy consumers and early adopters of technology.”