Agilent Technologies Inc. announced it has selected a name for its upcoming semiconductor test spin-off company. The new name, Verigy, will be used when the new company separates from Agilent, which is expected to occur near mid-2006.

The name is built from the Latin prefix "veri-" ("true, genuine"), which is the root of "verification" ("to prove the truth of, substantiate") and so ties the name to the test business. The "-gy" suffix comes from the combining form "-logy," meaning the name of sciences or bodies of knowledge, as in biology and geology. Verigy describes a company dealing with the true nature of things. The sound of the name connotes energy. The company's tagline is "the brilliance of innovation." Its web site will be

"Verigy is emerging from a powerful historical lineage, a direct line from both Hewlett-Packard's standards of integrity and innovation and Agilent's premier measurement business," said Jack Trautman, president of Agilent's Semiconductor Test Solutions business. "This name captures the spirit of our spin-off organization -- proven, responsive, energetic, innovative."

On Aug. 15, 2005, Agilent announced a strategic move that includes a plan to spin off its Semiconductor Test Solutions (STS) business, comprised of both the system-on-chip and system-in-package (SOC/SIP) and memory test market areas. STS will become a new automated test company focused on technology and innovation in semiconductor test. The spin-off is expected to take place as soon as practical in 2006, after first carving out the STS business from Agilent. Agilent's target is to complete an initial public offering of Verigy near mid-2006, and to complete the spin-off of Verigy by the end of October 2006.