50 Years of History

In 1958, when the first issue of Microwave Journal came out, Rogers Corporation was already producing products for the nascent electronics market. At the time Rogers’ DUROID™ line of fiber-reinforced polymer materials were being used in gaskets and electrical insulation. DUROID brand products like RT/duroid® 5870/5880 and DUROID 5600 went on to find wide usage in military, industrial, computer and electronics applications, making DUROID materials one of Rogers most successful products ever.

The business unit that has come to be known as the Advanced Circuit Materials Division (ACMD) was established in 1966 in Chandler, Arizona, to focus on meeting the growing demand for circuits and materials with excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties used in high performance applications. In the 1990s the RO3000® and RO4000® commercial lines of materials were launched to provide designers with a laminate material with strong properties priced to support high volume applications. These product platforms not only extended Rogers’ reach in the industry, but enabled application designers to create high functionality consumer products never previously imagined possible.

ACMD Today

Today, Rogers offers over 50 PCB material types developed to fit thousands of high performance design configurations making Rogers the leading high performance circuit laminate manufacturer in the world. ACMD supports its robust product line with world class design and fabrication support and ISO-9002 registered manufacturing facilities in Arizona and Belgium with a new plant in China under construction.

Rogers takes pride in innovating new materials that meet the evolving expectations of the electronics industry. Rogers Corporation understands the intense competition its customers face and offers unique laminate system solutions to exceed their price-for-performance expectations. ACMD customers include printed circuit board fabricators (from quick-turn prototype shops to high volume corporations) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for specialty electronic applications worldwide.

Company Product Categories

High Frequency/High Performance Laminates

Applications for Rogers’ High Frequency Circuit Laminates include linear power amplifiers and antennas for cellular and PCS base stations, low noise block down-converters for direct broadcast satellite television receivers, phased array antennas, radar systems and high performance wireless components. Rogers’ high frequency laminates are also used in high-speed digital applications where signal integrity is critical.

Product Brands:

RO4000,® RO3000,® RT/duroid,® ULTRALAM® High Frequency Circuit Materials

Thin Dielectric/Flexible Materials

Rogers’ Thin Dielectric/Flexible Materials are used in high layer count printed circuit boards for high speed digital and semi-conductor packaging applications. In addition, they are used in a variety of consumer applications including hard disk drives, cellular phones, laptop computers and PDAs.

Product Brands:

R/flex JADE,® R/flex,® R/flex CRYSTAL® Flexible Circuit Materials, R/flex® 8080 Photoimageable Covercoats

(All Rogers ACMD products are consistent with ROHS directives and China’s Electronic Information Products Standard.)

Contact information

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