Company History

The roots of Reactel, Incorporated began when founder Emanuel (Manny) Assurian was employed as an Engineer by suburban Washington, DC filter manufacturer I-tel in the mid 1960’s. Eventually, Manny was named President of CIR-Q-TEL (I-tel’s new name) and remained there for several years. In 1979, Manny decided to go out on his own and formed Reactel, Incorporated. A former colleague, Don Claycomb, joined him in this new venture.

Founded in 1979, Reactel, Incorporated grew from a two man operation located in less than 1000 square feet of manufacturing space into one of the industry leaders in the design and manufacture of RF and Microwave filters, diplexers, switched filter banks and sub-assemblies. Reactel’s goal has always been to provide high performance units that are reliable and cost effective. Individual engineering attention and support has been a staple of the company from the beginning. Reactel takes great pride in their thousands of satisfied end-users, which range from other small businesses to large multi-national corporations to prime defense contractors. Reactel has separated itself from other manufacturers by offering hard-to-do, custom, application specific units in a timely fashion. Reactel has the ability to tailor their filters to meet your system’s unique requirements.

Company Today

Building on their first 9 unit order for COMSAT totaling $1086.00, Reactel continues to broaden its customer base and has expanded their list of products offered. Recent additions include “flat pack” combline filters, monoblock ceramic filters and ceramic diplexers. These new products enhance their full line of tubular, LC, cavity, combline, waveguide, and suspended substrate units as well as switched filter banks and integrated sub-assemblies. While the geographic location has hardly changed, the manufacturing space certainly has. Reactel is currently housed in a 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility which contains all facets of its operation. As a testament to their focus on quality, Reactel was one of the first filter manufacturers to receive ISO-9001 Certification, having done so in 1996, and maintains that certification to this day.

Company Product Categories

Reactel manufactures RF and Microwave filters, multiplexers, switched filter banks and sub-assemblies for military, commercial and industrial markets.

Contact Information:

Reactel, Incorporated
8031 Cessna Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Phone: 301.519.3660