Saab and Sensis Corp. have entered into a cooperation agreement to promote, enhance and support Saab's GIRAFFE AMB family of radars in the United States. The agreement is initially focused on the systems for US defense applications. Sensis Corp., a provider of advanced radar detection solutions, will provide modifications and adaptations to US military specifications. With this cooperation agreement in place, both companies can better address the needs of customers.

The GIRAFFE AMB, which is land based, and the Sea GIRAFFE AMB, which is ship borne, are multi-mission 3-D radar systems that can simultaneously perform air and sea surveillance, military air traffic control and 360° tracking and locating of rockets, artillery and mortars.

Lennart Joelsson, senior vice president and managing director, Saab Microwave Systems, commented, "The US is a very important market for Saab and we are very pleased with the cooperation with Sensis, a company who met our strict criteria and has great performance and capabilities. This cooperation will remove barriers for future sales."

David Kovarik, general manager, Sensis, Defense and Security Systems, said, "Sensis is delighted to join forces with Saab to market and support Saab's best in class GIRAFFE AMB radars. The combination of Sensis' and Saab's capabilities will significantly improve both companies' ability to address the needs of the US defense forces."